Coralville and North Liberty Community Information


Coralville and North Liberty are family oriented communities which offer a healthy lifestyle and promote valuable principles like community, pride and honor. The residents here are closely connected to one another, the towns are simple and unassuming and the natural setting is absolutely serene. It is no wonder that the locals never seem to leave and new residents are popping up nearly everywhere. Besides, with the hustle and bustle of Iowa City just a few minutes? drive away, why would anyone want life here to be any different?

Social Events

Coralville?s community center is a gathering place for residents from all walks of life. Most social events take place here, as do many after-school youth programs and midday senior citizen programs, and area artists perform plays four times a year. There is a kids? club that meets each Saturday night.

Parks & Attractions

The cities of Coralville and North Liberty combine to offer several expansive parklands, crystal blue lakes, rivers, and streams, as well as museums and theatre halls. There are also a few family-owned restaurants, diners, cafes, boutique shops and antique stores scattered throughout the neighborhoods. The area is not overly commercialized, and local lawmakers intend to keep it this way. Still, controlled commercial development and the beautification of public squares, parks and other gathering areas remain priorities. .


One of the area?s most beautiful places is Coralville Lake, which offers a multitude of recreational activities. In addition to its 5,000 acres of water used for pleasure boating, fishing, swimming and water-skiing, the wooded area is also laced with winding trails used for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. Nearby, a glimpse into Iowa?s geological past can be found at the Devonian Fossil Gorge. Unearthed during the flood of 1993, the gorge contains a variety of fossils and artifacts. This intriguing discovery has attracted the attention of archeologists from all across the country, and has also become an educational hot spot for archeology students at nearby University of Iowa.

Higher Education

The fact that the University of Iowa is situated so close to Coralville and North Liberty is a tremendous bonus for area residents. Campus life is always abuzz and this excitement literally pours off campus each and every day. The energy the enthusiastic college community creates, while somewhat less intense in places like Coralville, is nonetheless welcomed like a breath of fresh air. The Midwest is Big Ten country, and whether one is a supporter of athletics or educational competitions such as debate, Iowans are as competitive as other Midwesterners. Locals support the university as if each of its students was their own child. The interstate conference rivalries between the University of Iowa and such institutions as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, Minnesota and Illinois are enough to get any local?s blood boiling and during a competitive event, they usually do.

Coralville & North Liberty, Iowa

The University of Iowa?s campus is literally the dividing line between Coralville and Iowa City. So, even though the overall atmospheres of Coralville and its neighbor North Liberty are a bit more subdued, the two communities are so close to the action that sometimes it is difficult to define where the excitement of college and big city life ends and the slower suburban pace begins. Regardless, life in these towns offers residents endless opportunities to pursue happiness in incredible natural settings. So, if affordable living in a diverse community sounds appealing, then the neighborhoods of Coralville or North Liberty may just be the right place for you and yours to settle down.

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